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senegambia balmorals kololi

Opposite Spy Bar Field 60 Meters

The gambia west africa



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Donation letter to all those concern

20 May 2019

Bios Brick By Brick International Organization

Balmorals kololi

Opposite Spy Bar Field 60 Meters

The Gambia West Africa


In the past 22 years The Gambia was under the dictatorship of a tyrant who oppressed, killed, tortured, detained and seized assets of innocent Gambians who have never committed any significant crime but opposed to the brutal system they endure on daily basis. This system has left a landmark of outright and naked poverty and fear among the civil population , some without homes and food to eat with their families.

Against this background Bios Brick by Brick International Organization, a non-profit, came with an innovative idea to build affordable homes using our local materials such as Bamboo and clay, to provide shelter for the homeless in our big cities in the Greater Banjul Area. Low-income families who have no where to live with their families are our main target. Our goal is to mitigate the increasing problem of homelessness among the civil population residing in the big cities ,struggling to have shelter and food on the table for their impoverished families, who have no help from the society.

In order to achieve this goal we have sketched various income generating activities and human resource capacity building programmes, that will be of great help in uplifting the livelihood of most of the communities collaborating with us, by providing them on the job training and employment for the local populations residing in this area. The programmes we intend to embark upon were discussed with the local communities we are collaborating with in the area and we finally came to the conclusion that, the following programmes will play a significant role in exposing the communities to the outside world and also generate incomes for the participants, thereby uplifting their living standards to an acceptable level.

Planned Programmes

1. Block making for sale using bamboo and clay

2. Building Eco-friendly huts to be hired to visiting tourist

3. Agro-farming using natural fertilizers such as sheep, goat and cow dung and composed heaps from waste foodstuffs for manure

4. Birdwatching and canoeing with an experienced boatman

5. Fishing using local canoes with an experienced fisherman

6. Excursion in the form of Eco-tourism, cultural tourism and Social tourism respectively.

With these programmes we believe we can generate income and also uplift the life of the local populations living in the area. To make this programmes work more effectively we are therefore appealing for your financial or material support to achieve this mission. For the material support they could range from technical equipments such as building machines, tractors for farming, fishing boat machines or anything that can be useful according to the activities listed above.

We would be happy to provide you with more information about how your company or organization can help Bios Brick By Brick International Organization in The Gambia. You can also go to our website www.biosbrickbybrickinternation.org to know more about us or write to us, info@biosbrickbybrickinternational.org if you have any questions to ask.

We greatly appreciate your donation which will be used to invest in the infrastructure we intend to build in collaboration with the communities in Jinack Island.

If you want to contribute just send it to the following Bank Account.

Bios Brickby Brick International Organization

Account Number: 11021037701

Trust Bank Limited Gambia

Swift Code: TBLTGMGM

Please join us. With your donation we are one step closer to our goal.


Abdoulie Jeng

Deputy Managing Director