This is a project of philanthropists and is basically concerned with the way we use our natural resources to satisfy our basic needs. We are prepared to build cheap and affordable housing facilities that could be available for the lower class, and it will be the best quality and advance standards and guaranteed building styles for a life time. Moreover we are specialized in natural resources and recycling. We make clay blocks/clay roofing/Bamboo & wood buildings/interlock systems/plastic recycling as housing and gardening. Teaching and creating awareness in our local communities and even beyond. We also make luxury housing designs available for all. We believe that mankind´s actions are responsible for climate change, thereby damaging it´s ecosystem and depleting it´s resources and polluting our atmosphere and making our soil infertile. We think we should use our natural resources wisely to live in balance with nature, and enhance a rational way of living in The Gambia/Africa and the entire world.

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Bambu Indah Moon House, photo by Stephen Johnson

If you’d like to start the conversation about involving us in your next project (design, construction, furniture) please email us at info@biosbrickbybrickinternational.org  We organize workshops if you are curious about how bamboo works? Take a bamboo workshop like model making, house-building workshop or joinery technique class. For more info, please visit our office in The Gambia. For the coming years, Bamboo (the biannual intensive bamboo building course) will be held in February, June and November. Careers For open employment opportunities, please visit us at our current address in The Gambia. Also, follow us on social media for future updates (Facebook and Instagram). Internships/Volunteering With Gambia’s new regulations,  is  allowed to accept interns or volunteers and has decided to start the Internship Program for the near future.



 We go above and beyond to ensure that our products are sourced, designed, and crafted with the highest standards from start to finish, because we know that social and environmental responsibility is fundamental to our value proposition. Rising consumer awareness of the environmental impact of buildings has led to an increased demand for sustainable products. As the market for clean technologies and materials continues to innovate, so will our products. Our commitment to quality includes:

SOURCING: We source from responsible local suppliers. We ensure that only mature bamboo poles are harvested, so that farmers have an incentive to allow younger bamboo shoots to grow to maturity for subsequent harvests.

TREATMENT: Our bamboo is washed with a naturally occurring salt solution that permanently prevents insect attacks. The material is so strong that it has the compressive force of concrete and the strength-to-weight ratio of steel.

MATERIALS: Bamboo reaches full maturity within just 3-4 years, compared to 20 or more years for hardwood. It has high carbon sequestration capacity, and its natural color and form bring together people and the environment.

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Trust Bank Limited Gambia



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Email: info@biosbrickbybrickinternational.org