For Gambia and Africa to be able to sustain itself by using our natural resources wisely, and live hand in hand with nature in the enhancement of both mankind and our ecosystem at large we have to be conscious of the economic and environmental advantages that lie ahead. By using our natural resources wisely is more economical and sustainable because everything will go back to the nature again and be using this eco-friendly stuff we live in harmony with mother nature. Due to the great advantages bamboo yield to the environment bamboo can be a substituted material for wood in construction, thereby reducing the rate of deforestation and promoting rehabilitation of wood based panel industries.

To promote a range of housing that is affordable to households of varying financial capacity, including an adequate supply of housing that is affordable for very low, low and moderate-income households.

Affordability generally refers to housing costs that are reasonable in relation to income. When looking at affordability, the focus is usually on the availability of accommodation that is affordable very low, low and moderate-income households, or those who are most likely to be having difficulty accessing affordable housing on the private housing market.

Housing affordability is commonly measured in relation to the proportion of income spent on housing costs. When a very low, low or moderate-income household is spending more than 30 per cent of its gross income on housing costs, it is said to be in housing stress. Households in housing stress are unlikely to have sufficient funds to meet their other needs.

These central objectives of relating to principles of affordability and appropriateness should sit alongside other objectives related to principles of community wellbeing, such as choice, opportunity, inclusiveness and sustainability.

With adequate government input into policy measure, bamboo can be a very resourceful material in Gambia, thereby contributing highly to mitigate the negative impacts of soil erosion, militate against climate change, protect the biodiversity and promote sustainable construction development. Also, the government should encourage the use of bamboo in construction such as low-income housing scheme and furniture making. We therefore desire to enlighten the view point and change our thinking perspective towards BIOS BrickbyBrick International to enhance the living standard of all, in low cost of building simple houses with natural resources and recycled materials.

Therefore stable, affordable and accessible housing linked to health, justice and community support services is critical to helping people live independently and improve life opportunities related to family, work, education, recreation or other pursuits.  Objectives for housing need to be seen in this context.

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