-Using social media

we will participate in various media to enhance a better understanding of Bios BrickbyBrick International and creating a global link online highlighting the benefits of using our natural resources wisely, thereby protecting our ecosystem and mother nature. We will be uploading photos and videos on our website and timeline.

-technical know how

We will also sensitize individuals and groups and teach them the techniques of Bios BrickbyBrick International systems. And also create awareness in the way the interlock machines are operated and maintained. If possible we will start copying and making prototypes that could be distributed in various communities.


It is indeed a great pleasure to help educate students in all schools and motivate them in studying the nature of BrickbyBrick International as a way of life, and improving the living standards in an eco-friendly condition. It´s a positive move to motivate and teach the future leaders of our nation and Africa at large.

- Awareness

It will also serve as awareness for Gambia & Africa at large, because it is more rational to use natural resources to build than artificial and expensive materials that we have to import and that´s not our and therefore not economical. Africa is mostly tropical so we have to live in balance with our mother earth. All these toxic is not needed and it´s killing us. Let us be aware of this fact and teach each other about it´s dangers to our environment because chemicals are polluting  our atmosphere/ocean layers/ecosystems and killing marine life and amking our soil infertile.

-Low cost of building

It is more cheaper and quality wise of building an everlasting of infrastructure whereby we need not much decorations, because it is natural colours of clay and other materials. It is also inter-cooling and absorbs heat when it is hot and releases heat when it is cold.

-Environment friendly system

It will protect both Fauna, ( Animals )/flora(plants) and enhance a better and efficient and balance living for all inhabitants in the environment. Thereby creating a magnificent & creative way of life and improve living conditions & standards at the highest level we can imagine. Paving ways for the next generations yet to come, meaning we want to cretae a foundation for Gambia &  Africa as a whole.

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