Alieu Sillah

Project Coordinator


Mobile: +2207351305

Omar Manneh

         Son of the Alkalo in Jinack


This resort is built in commemoration of Comrate Sillah a dedicated Gambian and brother who had the vision and dedicated his entire life fighting for the development of the lives of marginalized people in The Gambia and Africa at large. Therefore this resort is here as a compliment to the works of our brother Comrate whom we will never forget and will continue to revitalize his works after his lifetime.

Comrate Eco Resort follows the principles of eco-sustainability and conservation of the environment as well as the involvement of the local community within its activities. It would be a lodging facility that takes steps to reduce its carbon footprint while giving back to its local community.

We will work hand in hand with the local community and is our aim to create training and employment for those living in the area. It is also our aim to open up the community to the outside world by bring tourist who in turn will be given the opportunity to explore the culture of the people around the area through fishing, birdwatching, organizing local cultural dances and social tourism visiting schools and cultural heritage sites in the area.

Our guests will be informed about the rules and regulations in keeping the environment clean, alcohol and drug abuse in our facility. A clean environment is a public facility because to keep our environment clean we have to move forward. Keeping the environment clean is out first duty because it is the place where we live and it is necessary to have a clean environment to live a healthy life. Villagers will be trained as environment watchdogs, gardeners, garbage collectors, bartenders, and others.

Weekly recreational activities will be organized in collaboration with the villagers purposely to entertain our guests who are normally from other countries. We believe that through cultural integration between different people we can achieve maximum understanding  between people with diverse cultural backgrounds. We will collaborate with the cultural groups on the island to create a harmonious and friendly atmosphere that will enhance the rapid development of our activities and the island respectively. Trips will be organize to visit schools, medical centers and village ceremonies that can be of interest to our visitors. The local people will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their cultural knowledge and experience relevant in cementing ties between them and Comrate Eco Resort through out.

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